The power of YouTube and Slideshare combined on your website

Document management system

Publish presentations, videos, images and documents directly on your website.


Say goodbye to complicated archives and third-party files hosts.

With ERP4 Slides you can centralize all your documents on your website

and share them publicly or privately with selected groups.


Share your content with the world

Make it easy for your visitors and customers to access your content.


With ERP4 Slides, you have many ways to share your presentations and videos- on social media, by email or even by embedding the content straight to another website.


Showcase your work
and success

Compile and share valuable content

Publish presentations from your company and from contributors.

Share material from your training, conferences, and talks.

Centralize internal documentation

Build a clean and complete library with your in-house documents.

Secure it by setting up a private channel that only your employees can access.

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